• entrance and «A Visit to Nagel´s» (monitor)
  • «the Diedrich Diederichsen Listening-Corner»
  • Jérôme Guigue: space pégant
  • space pégant (detail)
  • Jérôme Guige, «the Diedrich Diederichsen Listening-Corner»
  • Four Door Fist: Ed Rodriguez, Chad Popple
  • Christoph de Babalon

Hohenstaufenstraße 13-27
60327 Frankfurt am Main

«target: autonopop presents» at atelierfrankfurt:

-target: autonopop slide show/media works and the «target: autonopop» magazine
-Space Pégant by Jérôme Guigue (Paris)
-and live music by:
Four Door Fist (Oakland, CA/Hamburg— 2/3 Gorge Trio, 1/2 Colossamite)
Christof de Babalon (Berlin— CFET, Fatcat, DHR, Übergang, Tigerbeat6)

»target: autonopop« was represented by Michel Chevalier, Rahel Puffert, and Tobias Still

Details of »target: autonopop« guests:

Four Door Fist is Ed Rodriguez on guitar and Chad Popple on drums, both formerly of Colossamite and both currently in Gorge Trio (Skin Graft Records). They have played together since their mid-teens, and have wreaked havoc in the U.S. underground in their many projects together (at least 6 different groups), and have toured extensively. Four Door Fist is a high-energy guitar and percussion set deploying all the means that composition and improvisation, coherence and chaos, make available to them.

Christoph de Babalon's music deals with darkness and dopedreams, tight rhythms and wide space. He has had releases labels such as Digital Hardcore Recordings, Fischkopf, Fat Cat and Tigerbeat6. He did a John Peel Session in 1999 and toured through various countries including the UK and the US. Cross fade entertainment (CFET), his label for lovers of extreme electronic music, has released music of artists like n1tro, Zbigniew Karkowski, DJ scud, Merzbow and Unit Moebius. Currently, he is working with his new combo 'Übergang' and has two solo releases scheduled for release at the end of 2005.

Jérôme Guigue's Space (or Bar) Pégant is a space behavior modification: within an exhibition (or another event, such as a concert or conference) most of the environment becomes attractive (sticky). 'Pégant' is Marseille slang that so aptly describes this sticky sensation as a constraint. The usual material for Space Pégant is a sprayed mixture of water and sugar.
Visitor-comments on Guigue´s April 9 work are available at:

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