09/19 - 10/10/2015

Norderstr. 71ug
20097 Hamburg

«unlimited liability laboratory»

Surprise Event and Bar Evening

"This Performance is also one you can buy – Part III"

The performance collective Katharsis A24 presents an environment full of surprises relating to the topics of sex-work, exploitation, displacement, and exclusion within Hamburg's St.Georg neighborhood. The group, working in-situ for three weeks within “unlimited liability laboratory” invites guests to a bar-evening with “constrictions” in matters of behavior and alcohol. 

The formats used by  Katharsis A24 gravitate between action-art and installative performances. Each performance is reworked and reflected in view of the location and its frame of realization. The group interweaves its guests into concrete situations and choreographs their subsequent dissolution. In a series of “figurations” Katharsis A24 treats the different fields of work and conflict within St. Georg.

“On one end of the street the gestures are art, on the other they are criminal undertakings.”

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