11/12 - 12/10/2011
  • «A Visit to Nagel's»
  • Mobile Kultur Byrå
  • Mobile Kultur Byrå
  • Discursive Picnic_Flohmarkt mit UNWETTER
  • A Visit to Nagel's (detail)
  • A Visit to Nagel's (detail: Michael Krebber invitation card, 2003)
  • A Visit to Nagel's (detail: Gustav Klucis poster, 1930)

Schwedenstr. 16
13357 Berlin

Market Update
curated by Jole Wilcke

Artists:  Kirsten Dufour, Hilde Methi and Ulrike Solbrig (MKB), Michel Chevalier and Rahel Puffert with contributions by Linnea Sjöberg and Kåre Grundvåg and LUJA,
Discursive Picnic_Fleamarket with UNWETTER

The exhibition Market Update shows the current work of Mobile Kultur Byrå as well as the video A Visit to Nagel's (Michel Chevalier/Rahel Puffert, 2003) by «target: autonopop». Both projects confront the subject of the "market" while intervening into specific situations.

A Visit to Nagel's:
March 2003: Michel Chevalier and Rahel Puffert visit the Berlin branch of the internationally renowned Galerie Nagel at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. There, they engage the Gallery staff in a conversation in order to find out more about the Michael Krebber exhibition currently on display.

What is the connection to the slogan "pop politics" featured on the invitation card? And how are its references to Russian Constructivism to be interpreted? How are the sparely hung objects (record sleeve, newspaper, CD, air mail sticker), dispersed as they are in the white space, connected?

The first statement at the gallery is that the artist refrained from issuing any statements regarding the exhibit… An undercover recording of the conversation is to be seen in this video.

'No Press Release", Galerie Nagel Fax, 03/11/2003
Transcription of gallery interaction on 03/15/2003
Invitation card: Michael Krebber at Galerie Christian Nagel

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