• theme and comment sheet
  • detail: theme and comment sheet
  • detail: theme and comment sheet
  • the long march towards quality (back to norms – the "right form")
  • the new vassalage (goodbye emancipation, hello hierarchy)
  • wow!

Hamburger Hochstraße 24
near Hein-Köllisch Platz
20359 Hamburg

«target: autonopop open mic.»

Tobias Still, Rahel Puffert, und Michel Chevalier open a discussion round with various non-binding topics, such as:

"the new vassalage"
"the long march towards quality"
"good conscience generators"
"no collector?-no-go"
"the Populism exhibition"
"the Hamburg Kunstverein board-of-directors election, 9/12/05 and 11/1/05"
"ontologizing hermeneutics in art discourse"
"little freedoms"
"cultural consumption/production/teaching/adminstration and self-congratulation"
"what is the bourgeoisie?"
"should the art world finally be democratized?"
"'accessible' pop"
"Utopia Light"
"30 years of crisis"
"what form of social competence is needed to conceal the limits of intellectual competence?"
"markets, private property, division of labor"
"texts to death"
"overview of recent (de)mobilizations"
"End of the Avant-Garde und anti-Situationism"
 "what x says and what x does"
"alternatives to networking/ network-logic"
"culture and misrecognition",
"is there an existence beyond visibility?"
"who wins when artists compete?"
"A bas la société spectaculaire MARCHANDE"

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