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  • detail: theme and comment sheet

Hamburger Hochstraße 24
near Hein-Köllisch Platz
20359 Hamburg

«target: autonopop open mic.»

Tobias Still, Rahel Puffert, und Michel Chevalier open a discussion round with various non-binding topics, such as:

"blocked experiences"
"the AG Bildende Kunst"
"does art expand credulity?"
"Trojan horses"
"who decides what's 'sensual'?"
"is something at stake?"
"Artist Pension Trust and other cartels"
"XVth Biennale de Paris"
"the Kunstverein Working Group"
"The Thing, Hamburg"
"should the art-world finally be democratized?"
"Street Art and other Little Freedoms"
"cultural production/consumption/teaching/administration and self-congratulation"
"who belongs to the Hambourgeoisie?"
"radicalism is not a form of experience"
"Utopia Light"
"'crude binary oppositions': a sin against the spirit?"
"markets, private property, division of labor..."
"overview of recent (de)mobilizations"
"what X says and what X does"
"what X says where X gets his/her income"
"alternatives to networking/ network-logic"
"the Hamburg Art Center general meeting 11/27/06"
"who wins when artists compete?"
"good conscience generators"
"Theory Karaoke"
"How it's shrinking! ... from Politics to Micropolitics to Nanopolitics"
"leaving the artworld... so that galleries and collectors can continue to call the shots"
"the New Pastoral"
"'political art' in peaceful coexistence with the art market?"
"the tyranny of structurelessness"
"symbolic violence"
"Formalism: modern Quietism, today."
"public relations or aesthetic innovations?"
"exodus: making capitalism more sustainable"
"anguish about a negative state of affairs is converted into rage against the person who is pointing it out."

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